Friday, April 18, 2014

Make a Dog Bed from an Old Sweatshirt

Fred in "Fred's Bed"

 Not too long ago I went to a festival and saw some adorable dog beds made from old sweaters. Great idea....except I don't have any old sweaters to use for such an endeavor. I do, however, have a bunch of sweatshirts that had seen better days. I was planning to cut them up and make a throw for the couch when I thought "why not a dog bed?" So that's what I did.

First, I sewed across the neck of the sweatshirt. Next, I sewed across the shirt from armhole to armhole, creating a tube. I filled the tube with fiberfill and sewed the cuffs together. The body of the sweatshirt was next. I filled that with fiberfill, too. That made a cushy bed. 
Yes, my sweatshirt is yucky, tacky, and whatever, but it has my scent.....and Fred likes that. I told him it was Fred's Bed and he loved it.....I think....

Cost.....fiberfill about 1/2 of a bag...bag costs about $6 at Walmart.
Old sweatshirt.....$1 if you have to buy it at a thrift shop
Cheap, easy, and one less thing in the landfill. 

Post by Eileen Patterson....forever GoofingOff.

Making a Bird Feeder with a Repurposed Plate

I love yard sales, sort of. I love to look for treasures under piles of junk and sometimes I do pretty good....then there are other times that I think "you should have stayed have more money than sense." Sound familiar? The other day I stopped at a friend's yard sale and she had a deal for me. A bunch of stuff....Some of it looked good, a lot looked like the first stop was the dump but I bought it anyway. No, she didn't twist my arm....In fact, her yard sales are pretty good with incredible antiques, this stuff was being sold for a friend....Anyway, I bought it. All 4 boxes.

I found this incredible vintage plate among the items. Lovely. Very pretty with Asian styling. See the chip? I didn't at first. I would have kicked myself in the butt but I haven't done yoga in a while and am not as flexible as I once was. 

Made in Japan....Woo Hoo. Then I examined it....a chip on one side. Ugh....What to do with it? Too pretty to throw out. Hmmm......A bird feeder for the front porch! 
I've had plenty of bird feeders over the years but most get chewed up be squirrels or just fall apart from age and the weather. The plate has 2 holes on each side of it....perfect! Into the studio it went (I feel like the professor on Gilligan's Island in there....lots of stuff to make anything with).  I found my fishing line and strung some beads for a little bit of flash. 

Voila! A bird feeder! Hopefully the cardinals and wren we have in this area won't mind the chip.....And one less thing going to the dump.  Now to keep Mr.Ted away from it while the birds are noshing a bit of seed.

Post by Eileen Patterson.....always GoofingOff. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pattern Weights

I am getting in the mood to sew….that might take a while as I get in the right frame of mind…some holiday scrub tops. Yes, Christmas and Hanukkah tops. Yes, I know the holiday is over but it will be back and once again I will be without a holiday scrub top to wear. Besides, holiday fabric is cheap now and my holiday to-do list is empty right now….it won't be that way in October or November. So.. being the totally organized person I am (quit laughing) I am assembling the things I need to make the tops. Pattern…check….thread…check…fabric…check….pains..I mean pins..wait, there's got to be a better way…how about pattern weights?
So I looked on the web for some ideas and here's a few I came up with:

Washer Paper Weights from Pin and Paper
Maybe now that they are pretty people won't think they're so weird.

Pattern weights

So, what do you think? Are these not the bomb? OK, still great ideas. What did I decide on? I'm the queen of the thrift shops so the thrift quilt squares, of course, and since I had a bag of aquarium gravel handy (who doesn't) that's what I used to fill them with. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trenton Quilt Festival

March is a busy month around here. Winter is over for the most part and everyone is out enjoying the sunshine. Up my way, in North Central Florida, there are two big things that happen every year....the Tri-County 4 H Animal Show and the Trenton Quilt Festival. I love animals but I love quilts more so I drove over to Downtown Trenton, Florida, home of the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop.
 Quilts on the bank at one end of town.

Rag rugs for sale, crocheted by hand using hand made crochet hooks....The folks at the Dudley Farm between Newberry and Gainesville make these...and teach the process....Handmade owl pincushions...

Quilts hanging everywhere.

Adorable quilt made for a quilter's grandson. 

The guild had some of the prettiest quilts. 

Tea, anyone? All applique.

I had the winning ticket for this but they picked the wrong one....I hate when that happens. 

Handmade bags from blue jeans.

Mason Jar Quilt. 

This scrappy beauty was made for a guild's civic service....All scraps and nothing but scraps...

More scrappy lovelies.

Gorgeous quilts flying high and proud...

The one on the left has  Japanese print fabrics. 

Wonderful handmade dolls ....Look at those faces!

I love the goldfish quilt.

Handmade Sketch Books.....I have to try this....

Love the eggs. 

OK, so I like old cars...but who doesn't love this? It's fabulous!

The Antique Tractor Club showed off some of their sweet rides, too. Did I tell you Trenton is a farming community? It is.....

Love this! I can see a quilt from Redwork, what else?

Paying homage to our Florida heritage....Seminole Quilting....

As you can see, the festival is a quilter's paradise. Many of the quilt guilds from the region had quilts and wares to show off. I just wanted to wrap myself up in one...or two...or...hmmmm...
Mark your calendar for next year's show...middle of March. Good food, good music, and beautiful quilts....can't do better than that. 

Well, thanks for stopping by....
Post by Eileen Pattern....also known as GoofingOff. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making Christmas Memories....Twas the Night Before Christmas....

I'm bad. I haven't written much in a long time. I've been so busy....Yeah, I know, poor excuse. Well, here goes...Twas the night before Christmas...well really, a couple of nights before Christmas, not a creature was stirring, except me at my sewing machine. What to make that I can do in a hurry, look good (not me, the thing I'll be making), and can fit in an envelope with 2 day shipping? Oh, and for 2 little girls.....I could buy something but honestly, my grandkids are blessed...everyone of them. Loving parents and grandparents who buy them things they need AND things they want so I make things for them. This time I had a time crunch, 1 day, to make it and get it out so I went to my stash and found enough fabric to make pillowcases.
I used this tutorial: from the Missouri Star Quilt Company
Here's an example of the pillowcase on their site.
Here's the fabric I used:

Cute, huh? I love the colors, bright and cheerful. Adorable owls, cupcakes and beach balls. Fun!
I'd show you a picture of the pillowcases but I sent them out. I've got a schedule to meet!
Not Neiman Marcus stuff but not too shabby and made with love.

Well, have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy and don't forget to make memories. After the batteries are dead, the dolls busted, and the pieces are missing to all the stuff you get, it's the memories you'll have left. Make good ones.