Thursday, February 11, 2016

Four Patterns from GoofingOff Sewing That Will Make You Miss the 80's

I was chatting with some friends about the 1980's, the hair, the music, the styles. So much to talk about!  Lots of wildness but some good times, too. Here's a few patterns that are truly 80's style, padded shoulders and all. Might make you miss the mullet.
Here's a little Blondie to put you in the 80's mood while you look at the styles.

McCall's 3583 from 1988 with Shaped Waistline, gathered skirt and neckline variations in size 10-12-14. UNCUT Sew this off-the-shoulder or one shoulder to wear at the beach. Perfect for warm weather. Great for an evening at the beach club...Florida style. 

Butterick 4658 Misses' Cover-ups and Shawls in size small from 1986. UNCUT
This would be great on a cool summer evening. Maybe in white with a wedding gown to keep the ac off the bride's shoulders. 

McCall's 7155 Misses's Wrap Tops in size Medium, bust 34-36 inches UNCUT
Good choice for summer fun or pair it up with nice pants or a skirt for the evening. 

Loose fitting and snuggle up jacket. Fast and easy to sew. 

Check out the shop, GoofingOff Sewing, when you have a chance. Use the coupon code BLOGGIN to get 15% off your order. 

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

10 Fun in the Sun Patterns to Sew

It's the middle of winter in this part of the world and I have a feeling a lot of folks are yearning for a bit of summer fun. Well, hopping on a jet plane for a vacation is good but not everyone can...and besides, summer will be here before you know it. Now's the time to get those patterns for summer sewing. There's nothing like being ready for summer before it gets here and showing off what you got in what you made. 
Here's 10 patterns to satisfy the Island Girl in all of us. Pass me my pina colada, please. 

Simplicity 9750 Misses' One and Two-Piece Swimsuits and Pareo in size 4-12, bust 29-34 inches UNCUT
One piece or two with a pareo to cover-up a little. 

New Look 6029 Misses' Wrap Top, Skirt, Tank Top, Duster, and Pants in size 6-16, Bust 30-38 inches. Complete,Partially Cut
A little dressy but still ready for the sun.

New Look 6760 Misses' Summer Tops in size 6-16, bust 30-38 inches. UNCUT
Casual and fun! 

McCall's 2118 Misses' Dresses in size 8-12, bust 31-34 inches. UNCUT
Casual dress to wear on the boardwalk, maybe do brunch during a well-earned cruise.

Simplicity 4223 Misses' Pullover Tops in size 6-18, bust 30-40 inches UNCUT
Cute tops with variations. 
McCall's 2803 Misses' Skirts in size 10-14, Waist 25-28 inches. UNCUT
The length makes it elegant but keep it relaxed for summer fun.

Simplicity 9085 Misses' Swim Suits and Pants in size 12-14-16, bust 34 -38 inches UNCUT
Ready for the beach!

Simplicity 8733 Misses' Jacket, Skirt, Shorts, and Two-Piece Bathing Suit in size 16-18-20, Bust 38-42 Inches UNCUT
Ready for sun bathing or volleyball!

McCall's 9352 Misses' Two-Piece Swim Suit and Wrap Skirt in size 16 Bust 38 inches UNCUT
Great beach looks.

McCall's 3444 Misses' Low Rise Pants in size 14-18, Waist 28-32, Hip 38-42 inches. UNCUT
Hip huggers + tube top = summer fun!

Well, that's 10 great patterns for summer from casual to proper. Enjoy!

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Throwback Thursday McCall's 7155 Halter Top

This little cutie is dated 1980....the year of Elton John's Little Jeannie, Queen singing about a "Little Thing Called Love", and Blondie hit the charts big with "Call Me." OK, some of us were dancing to disco.
The halter top is easy to make and is sewn in one piece. The Wrap Top features cut-away armholes and has bias fronts with attached ties.....and depending on the wearer's mood, it can be worn frontwards or backwards. 
The pattern is for stretch knits only. It is a 90 Minute Fashion pattern. 
Make it in a sparkly, sequined fabric and you can dance all night. 

McCall's 7155 Misses' Top in size Medium, bust 34-36 inches UNCUT

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Make Something: Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

I'm one of those folks who knows I need to get a card but hate the idea of buying them.....especially since I know it will be filed in the circular bin and I love to make things that show a bit of me in them (read that I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING). So, after looking around the 'net a bit I found these cuties to make and give....just in case someone out there in 'netville is a little bit like me. 

From Christie's Cottage  
This card uses fabric flower rolls, markers, and paper. Make the flower rolls or buy them like she did. Check out Christie's blog for the details. 
nancy zieman blog paper piecing
Valentine Fabric Postcard by Nancy Zieman
Here is a paper pieced fabric card by the sewing master  Nancy Zieman. Her blog has FREE instructions to download.  

DIY Hand Stitched Fabric Valentine's Cards from KSH Creative
This is a cute one that should whip up pretty good....for those of us who wait 'til the last minute (I like working under pressure is my excuse). The pinking shears create a non-raveling stitch. A little glue, zig-zag stitches, paper, and fabric (can't forget the fabric) and there ya go. A unique Valentine's Day card that's cute and personalized.

Ta Da! Here's mine.....Love Grows Here. I crocheted the hearts on the plane to Haiti (kept my hands busy) using the pattern from Lucy at Attic24 (click HERE for the pattern. I love her blog). The stems are chains of green scrap yarn. The leaves are from a pattern I made that I am sharing today. The rest is a bit of a mish-mosh and too much glue but I think the hubby will like it anyway. He's sort of mushy that way. Perfectly imperfect, just like me.
  Oh yeah, the Leaf Pattern.
The pattern is written in US terms, the stitches as follows ::
sl st : insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, then through the loop on your hook.
sc (single crochet) : insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (two loops on hook), yarn over and pull through both loops on hook.
hdc(half double) : yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all three loops on hook.
dc (double crochet) : yarn over , insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through two loops on hook (two loops left on hook), yarn over and pull through remaining two loops.  

Crochet Leaf Pattern 

Size F crochet hook 
scrap of green yarn approximately 2 feet long 
Chain 6. Sl st in the 1st chain. then 1 sc, 2 hdc, 1 sl st. Do not turn. On the other side of the leaf, 1 sl st, 2 hdc, 1 sc, 1 sl st. 
That's it. Pretty quick and it doesn't use a lot of yarn. The hook size is variable depending on the yarn scraps available. 

BTW, the pattern is available to use how you wish, just give me credit when you do. A little gift from Eileen at GoofingOff. 

Post by Eileen at GoofingOff Sewing

Monday, February 1, 2016

Twelve New Listings for Special Occasions At GoofingOff Sewing

Well, I am back after having an incredible adventure in Haiti. The 1st Medical Mission to Fond Jean Noel, Haiti is in the books. The mission was a success. We triaged the children at three orphanages then provided care to over 350 people in the remote village of Fond Jean Noel. The group I had the opportunity to work with was wonderful and so were the people. Lots to talk about but that will be in another post. Right now I'm talking and showing the latest patterns in the GoofingOff Shop.

As luck would have it, incredibly good luck, I found an stash of sewing patterns that were uncut and complete. In the stash were beautiful evening/cocktail dresses, even bridal gowns, perfect for that occasion on your calendar. Wait until you feast your eyes on them. Here's twelve patterns destined to make an impression at your next soiree.

Vogue 2606 Bellville Sassoon Evening Dress in size 6-8-10 UNCUT OK, this is absolutely GORGEOUS! Great for showing off curves and cleavage. 

Butterick 6389 David Warren Designer Misses' Evening Dress Size 12-14-16, Bust 34-38 inches UNCUT Slim-cut sheath dress....the perfect little black dress or add color. Elegant!

McCall's 2954 Misses' Bridal and Evening Dresses with Shawl Size 12-14-16, Bust 34-38 inches UNCUT
Fitted bodice with an a-line skirt for those of us who have hips (yes, that's me...hips). The stole is an added bonus, great for the air conditioned halls or evening chill. 

Simplicity 5447 Misses' Evening Dresses and Bridal Gown in size 12-14-16-18, Bust 34-40 inches UNCUT Oh, is this cute! One strap or two, simple lines to show off curves, and length to add elegance. 

McCall's 3053 Misses' Renaissance Bridal Gowns in size 12-14-16 UNCUT Medieval and Renaissance lovers rejoice! This pattern has it with short or long sleeves...and a train. Perfect as you wed your knight in shining armor.

Butterick 5542 Misses' Evening Dress in size 12-14-16, Bust 34-36-38 inches. UNCUT
The little black dress grown up in full length for the formal occasion or kept short for a summer date night. 

McCall's 3010 Evening Elegance Evening Dresses and Bridal Gown in size 10-14 Bust 32-36 inches UNCUT
Fitted bodice, nice lines to accentuate what you want to show off...

Butterick 3771 Misses's Evening Dresses in Size 14-16-18, bust 36-40 inches UNCUT
Simple enough for a day at the beach or a stroll on the boardwalk but, change up the fabric and check it out! Lovely enough for cocktails! 

Simplicity 9030 Misses Fitted Evening Dress in size 6-16, bust 30-38 inches UNCUT
Incredible dress! Show it off and feel great when you do!

Butterick 3758 Mises' Evening Gowns by Designer Rimi Size 12-14-16 Complete
A bit of leg interest to show off those gorgeous gams and a bolero to keep the chill off.

Vogue 1737  American Designers Tom and Linda Platt Misses' Evening dress in size 6-8-10 UNCUT
No matter what the length this dress speaks in volumes.

Very Easy Vogue 7513 Misses' Dress in size 6-8-10 UNCUT
Wiggle into the room in this dress and turn heads! Maybe not for the bride but definitely a "do" for cocktails.

Well, that's the fancy stuff. There's a lot more in the sun stuff like swim suits and sundresses, so stop by the shop.
Post by Eileen Patterson of GoofingOff Sewing