Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sewing Patterns: Vintage Mail Order Patterns

I love looking at vintage sewing patterns but so often the patterns are for smaller, was everyone a size 5 or less in the 1940's or 50's? Did anyone have a bust larger than 34 inches or a waist larger than 25 inches? I remember a few ladies that were on the fuller side of the pattern scale so where did they buy their sewing patterns? The answer is this.....mail order.  In the 1970's the pattern ads were tucked away in the classified section of the newspaper and, for one dollar, plus 25 cents for shipping and handling, you could buy a pattern (at least it was $1 in the 1970' was less in the 40's, 50's, and 60's). Sometimes the patterns were available in women's magazines like the Delineator, Ladies' Home Journal, or, the star of every needleworkers home, Workbasket.
Courtesy of VintagePatternsWikia

Courtesy of Vintage Patterns Wikia
So, in honor of these unsung heroes, those patterns who provided fashion to the not-size-1-anymore set, I offer these patterns for your consideration (Oh dear, I sound so full of myself and then some...hee hee hee).

Marian Martin 9021 includes pattern, instructions, original postmarked envelope, and newspaper clipping.

Printed pattern 4982 in size 16, Skirt and blouse. COMPLETE

Printed Pattern 4982

Marian Martin 9064 Country Aprons in size Large, bust 38-40 inches. Includes ad and original envelope. COMPLETE

Anne Adams 4824 in size 18 1/2, bust 39 inches. COMPLETE

So....Thank goodness for mail order patterns because not everyone is a size 1.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Listings GoofingOff Sewing

Life is forever "life moments, divorce, death,, we are working on the house, more specifically, the kitchen and the bedroom. A major "UGH" here. I am sure I will love it when it is finished but, until then, not so sure. I am fretting over it and WE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED!!! I once heard someone say they almost divorced during a renovation. It kind of made me feel it's ok not to love every idea the hubby comes up with and it's ok to disagree. Sometimes I forget that. At least we agreed on supper....the slow cooker is loaded with ham, potatoes, and green beans....a no-fuss, no-think-about-it supper, just let it cook until we are ready to eat.

I think I will destress with sewing is cheaper than therapy, then started moving things. Got lots to move out of the way.

Butterick 3697 Bridal Accessories Parsons School of Design
Do veils ever go out of style?

Simplicity 7830 in size 7  COMPLETE
Sweet dress.....

Simplicity 6048 in size Large, Bust 38-40 inches. A JIFFY pattern. COMPLETE
Comfy and a Jiffy pattern, easy enough for the beginner.

McCall's 7341 Misses' Nightshirt Size Small COMPLETE

McCall's 7180 in size Large, bust 40-42. For Stretch knits. COMPLETE
I love this dress! Simple lines, flattering, stretch knits for comfort. 

Simplicity 9688 Girls' Robes and pants Size 8 COMPLETE
Whether a robe is needed now or next year...this is a cute one. 

Simplicity 7454 Girls' Dress and Bag, Size 12 COMPLETE A simple the girl in yellow, especially the big 60's!

Simplicity 6605 in size 10, COMPLETE Cute! 

Simplicity 7451 from 1967 in size 9 JP, bust 33 inches COMPLETE
I love the simple lines of this pattern. Easy to embellish and add a modern twist to it.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Vintage Vogue and Fabulous Fifties Sewing Patterns

Sometimes I find the most incredible patterns when I am out and about.

 This first pattern, Simplicity 1407, is beautiful! I love the dress. The style is from the late 1940's. The pattern is unprinted...the pattern piece is dotted to tell which piece is which. 

Simplicity 1407 Misses' Dress from the 1940's. Size 14, Bust 32 inch. Complete, UNCUT

This outfit from Tamotsu is incredible. I love the long jacket.
Vogue 1334 by Designer Tamotsu, Misses' jackets, dress, and pants in sizes 12-14-16. COMPLETE

Six gored skirts from 1952. Fabulous! A sweater and a pair of heels and the outfit is complete.
Vogue 7780 Misses' Skirts from 1952. Waist 25 inch. COMPLETE

Wearable art. Love it. I hate wearing what everyone else wears. The basic jacket is here and allows the sewer to make a design that fits. From Marcy Tilton.
Vogue 8430 Misses' Jacket, Wearable Art by Marcy Tilton One size, bust 31.5-44 inches. UNCUT

Happy Sewing! May your seams stay straight and your bobbins stay full. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Fabric Listings in GoofingOff Sewing

 Here's a few new fabric listings in the GoofingOff Sewing shop. Some of the fabric is vintage stock sold in one piece, no cuts.
Anchors from Waverly Fabrics...available per 1/2 yard.
Great for quilting, maybe a little boy's room.

Vintage green little white red rimmed flowers fabric. 2 1/3 yards long, 44 inches wide
Little dresses, quilting...

Flowered Knit Fabric 1 way stretch
Beautiful fabric with a cross wise stretch, 6 inches stretches to 9 inches. 1 2/3 yards of 60 inch wide fabric.
I see T-shirts and tank tops from this beautiful fabric.
Silky pink abstract design fabric 2 3/4 yards long, 44 inches wide. Entire piece
Pretty and light weight.

Beautiful pink silky fabric, 23 inches wide by 50 inches long. Sold as one piece.
Enough for a scarf, beautiful and feels good, too.
Vintage Light pink dotted swiss fabric. Light pale pink vintage stock, never used, clean and fresh. 45 inches wide, 1 1/2 yards long. For sale as one piece. 
Enough for a baby dress, a fancy quilt...very pretty.
Ladybugs and daisies on colorful the half yard
I love this! So colorful and fun! I'm making pillowcases from this. I will count ladybugs until I fall asleep.
Post by Eileen Patterson.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Make Post op Snuggy Blankets for a Medical Mission

Late last week one of the nurses I work with posted a cry for help...something she doesn't do often. She is going on a medical mission to do oral surgery on children and money is tight....everything goes to the most necessary supplies...they don't have blankets to swaddle the babies post op and calm them and asked for help.
I took a trip to my local thrift shops but found very little so I thought I would make some.
I bought Polar Fleece fabric to make some quick and easy no-sew blankets.
I chose fleece for several reasons.
Fleece is usually 60 inches wide. Since these blankets are for babies, 30 inches wide by 36 inches long should be big enough for a little ones coming out of the operating room and into their mothers' arms. 2 blankets per yard of fabric.
It doesn't ravel or shred making it perfect for a no-sew finish.
It comes in a wide array of a rainbow sherbet of the blanket world.
And, finally, it is inexpensive. I didn't buy the top dollar fabric. I bought the under-five-dollars-a-yard fabric. The blankets have a mission...and they are not meant to become heirlooms...and that's OK.

With that in mind I took a trip to my local Walmart (we still have a fabric section) and bought about $20 worth of fabric. Even though I figured on a yard for two blankets I went a little longer.....1 1/2 yards per color.

From each 1 1/2 yard length I cut two blankets. 
I used the instructions for no-sew fleece blankets from NebraskaViews here for the instructions. It's as easy as she says and it looks good, too. 

I used masking tape for my cutting guide, 1 inch wide and 2 inches deep with a 2 inch square from each corner. A small slit near the bottom of each strip allowed for the crochet hook to go through (I used a K hook) and the fabric to pull through. 

I drafted my buddy Diane to help me with cutting the fabric. After that, the finish was easy to do.

Mission accomplished. The blankets are on the way to Honduras to take part in a medical mission. 

I hope the blankets provide warmth and comfort for the children after their surgery. I can't be there but a little bit of me will be there. Maybe I'll get to make more for the next mission. 

Post by Eileen Patterson