Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Vogue Pattern Listing At GoofingOff Sewing Etsy

A classic Calvin Klein Dress from 1996

I love Vogue patterns. The look is so elegant regardless of what era the patterns are from. Here's a few "new" Vogue patterns, at least new to the shop. A virtual feast for the eyes. Enjoy. 

Classic Anne Klein Blouse from 1996

Classic Vogue Woman jacket, skirt, and pants
Babies' Christening dress, blanket, hat, and pillow sham....Can you say "family heirloom?"
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Costume Pattern Listings At GoofingOff Sewing

The GoofingOff Annual Costume Pattern Sale is coming up....August 15th through September 30....and I'm getting patterns in order. I found some new (some new, some new stock) to supply the shop. Here's a peek.
Some of the costumes are cut but complete. I'm still in the process of listing but if there's one you want just send me a message and I will set it up.
No coupon codes necessary. Just pick out the ones you like and get started.

 For the wizard.
All costume patterns will be 30% off for the sale but the cutest and coolest sell out fast. 

A rare pattern, child size.

For the lord of the manor.

A little sexy look for the party. 

Is this not adorable?

Imagine your own little Dream of Jeanie. 

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Make A Dog Bone Pillow Chew Toy

I love my puppy....Miss Sweet Boxer Puppy is so much fun, and a lot of energy packed into one dog. If someone isn't paying attention to her she looks for things to do...or chew. The other day I tried to sew and she'd sneak in the sewing room, grab something...anything...and run. After retrieving the item (s) for the third time, I thought I should make her something to keep her busy.
I started thinking about something I could design and sew fast without too much hassle. Dog Bone!! Out of denim scraps!
Using some wrapping paper I created a pattern. I used a dog biscuit for a guide, only making it bigger.
The full length of the bone is 10 inches. It is 5 inches across the center. I used a can to make the round ends.

Use some heavy duty fabric for the bone. In my case, I used some brown denim fabric from my stash and traced the pattern on it. 

Cut the pattern from the fabric creating a 1/2 inch seam allowance. 

Sew along the line....straight stitch, nothing fancy. 

Remember to leave an opening along the straight part of the bone so it can be turned right side out. Make sure its on the straight part; it'll be easier to stitch close. 

The the stitching was complete I snipped around the curves so the bone would hold its shape when being turned inside out. 

The pillow was then stuffed with fiber fill.
The pillow opening was then stitched closed with hidden blanket stitches. Why hidden? Just in case Miss Sweet Boxer Puppy decided to take out the stitches. 
Dog Approved! 

Post by Eileen Patterson of GoofingOff Sewing Supplies. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Motor Home Redo

I love my hubby...really, I do. He appreciates my creativity and talent. He is forever finding me things to make, embellish, or add to my pile of things to do (usually the case). 
This Mother's Day the hubby surprised me. Instead of a bouquet of flowers or a piece of jewelry he bought me a motor home. Really. A 32 foot Holiday Rambler. Talk about a surprise. He spotted it at a friend's a while back and fell in love with it. I should have known something was up but didn't until he drove it down our driveway tooting the horn to announce the arrival of my gift.


                                                A project and a half.

The first thing to do was to get rid of the old mattress (the former owner wanted it back, thank you). And clean the inside (thank you, a young friend). A couple of things off the huge list that comes with a motor home redo.
I still have to decide on colors (neutral would be tones...not white...hubby likes gas, grease and oil too much). Wood accents? I have a pile of cherry from a tree we cut a while ago.
We had company over the Memorial Day holiday weekend and found out our inflatable mattress fits perfectly on the bed. We also found out the air conditioner works. Phew! Good news for sure.

Things that will have to be fixed up or replaced:
floor (hardwood going down)
refrigerator (good cleaning)
cushions for the dining table
throw for the sofa
bed linens and curtains for the bedroom

I'll keep you posted.....Step by step.

Monday, April 28, 2014

De Leon Springs Daycation

Every so often a gal needs a day off....not to hang around the house and do laundry, shopping,, that's work....a "get in the car and go somewhere with the hubby for fun" day off. April 16 was our anniversary and we planned a little trip to Daytona but as luck would have it, I got sick and the furthest I got from the house was Walmart to pick up something for my cough. Awww.....
A couple of days later I heard about this fabulous restaurant in an old sugar mill that was first built in the 1800's....pre Civil War. The more they spoke about the history of the place the more I had to see it. The sugar mill is part of a state park...a springs....and that was all I had to go on. After a little investigating I found it...De Leon Springs on the east part of Florida near Ormond Beach, about 120 miles from home.

 Surprisingly, when I told the hubby about it he said he heard of it, too. The trip was on. A little bit of a ride but it was a beautiful day.....perfect for getting away from the everyday things at home.
The restaurant is built in the old sugar mill. The tables are long tables with a griddle in the middle so a person can cook their own All-You-Can-Eat pancakes...their special recipe. In fact, you get 2 pitchers of pancake Early American and a more modern recipe, both with oatmeal and I forget what else....both made amazing pancakes. They even have gluten free batter, too.

Sugar Mill History
Florida was inhabited by these tribes before the arrival of the Spanish. 

The Fountain of Youth Springs Tour was docked and ready.We missed the boat tour (they only schedule until 1PM) so we rented a paddle boat to work off a little bit of those pancakes. 

The hubby doing the old man thing....relaxing under one of our beautiful live oak trees. 

Ruins of the original Sugar Mill. This area was where the cane was boiled down for syrup.

Check out the big pot. 
The park rangers had a special turtle program for the kids. 

Here's a few pictures of our trip down the river.

Blue heron. Florida is a great place for bird watching.

Bee and Butterfly Garden....I had to check this out to see what I could grow in mine. They have beautiful fennel growing....big bulbs with huge feathery soft fern-like leaves. I planted fennel seeds as soon as I got home. 

A great day taking the road less traveled. There is so much to do in Florida....much more than the Mouse House or Universal....and not too far from those places. Costs a lot less and less crowded. Very worth the trip. 

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