Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#Ditch the Plastic....Bags That Is

To say I am obsessed with market bags would be an understatement. I have at least a couple dozen...some I made, others I buy at the store when shopping, still others given to me (you need a bag?). I use them for grocery shopping, thrift shopping, dirty laundry when I am on vacation (TMI?), everything and anything I used to use a plastic bag for. 

What's not to love?  The reusable bags hold more than plastic, are stronger than plastic, and look a heck of a lot better...not to mention the environmental impact plastic bags make. My state hasn't done away with plastic shopping bags yet, but I recently returned from a couple of places that did. No plastic shopping bags...none. Lucky for me I had one in my suitcase....a just-in-case bag.

So, what do I look for in a recyclable bag? For me, sturdy fabric, like canvas, duck, or lined cotton...quilted, is a must,  straps long enough to carry the bag on my shoulder, and a bag that is big enough to carry a load but not too big a load that I can't carry it. A market bag is pretty easy to make and a great way to recycle some fabric lying around.

Here's a few ideas:

Fold-up Tote
Asymmetrical Color Block Tote from Haberdashery Fun

fat Quarter Reusable Grocery Bag by Crystal

Click to Enlarge
French Market Tote with Coco Channel Type Handles from Sew4Home Cute and I love the handles but I'm not sure about carrying lots of groceries in it.

Fat Sack from Terry gorgeous in Amy Butler fabric.

No-Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag OK, technically not a market bag but too darn cute to leave out. No sewing experience necessary and great to make for the grandkids.....send them home with goodies in an environmentally safe bag. Make it real special by letting them find a t-shirt to make it with. 

Ta Da....Here's a quickie I put together. This gorgeous fabric was a markdown at the local Dollar General....a table runner. I folded it in half and sewed up the sides. Sewed a hem at the top, too. The straps were strips of fabric from a pair of pants that had seen better days....cut to the length I wanted then folded lengthwise and sewn for extra strength...then attached to the bag. Strong enough to hold more than a few patterns but lovely enough to hold my crochet.

So, with sew many to choose from, is it any wonder I am obsessed? #Ditch the plastic.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Miss Eileen's Vintage Scarves

I have to start off by saying I love vintage scarves.  Whenever I see a beautiful vintage scarf I am reminded of Hedy Lamar....the scene in the movie "Come Live With Me." She took a scarf, wrapped it around her head into a turban and captivated James Stewart. Glamourous. Just glamourous. Here's a few beauties I found on my trip to Petaluma, California. I couldn't just drink wine....there's lots of vintage stores to pick through. 

Vintage 30 inch Silk Scarf

Blue Flowers

Vintage 1960s

Blue Flowers on Cream Scarf

Soft Fringe

30 inches square

Vintage Honey Silk Scarf. 30 inches Square

Blue with an abstract pattern. Honey signature on the corner.

100% Rayon Scarf, 1950's. 

Made in Japan. Hand Rolled Hems.

Lee Fashions
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Monday, May 18, 2015

New Fabric and Embroidery Listings At GoofingOff Sewing and PatternHaus

Why is it my day off is busier than my day at work? After cooking supper for tonight and tomorrow night, getting the laundry done, ironing my scrubs (yes, ironing...with an old-fashioned iron from the 1950's), I fit in time to list a few things. .... after I tried to take the boxer-baby out for a walk...until she saw the cat and pulled me into the gate post. OUCH! I'm going to have a few bruises from that mishap...thankfully no broken bones.
Anyway, here's the listings. Lovely fabrics to make pretty little dresses.....stamped linen for embroidery and crewel...

Fabric Remnant Lavender Dotted Swiss 1.58 yard 44 inches Wide 

Camelias At the Front Steps Stamped Embroidery Linen

Flower Bouquet Stamped Linen for Embroidery by Lee Wards. Yeah, whatever happened to Lee Wards?

Cardinal Stamped Linen for Embroidery

Owl on a Branch Stamped Linen for Embroidery

Gathered Eyelet Lace Lovely 13 inches wide, over 4 yards total. For sale as one piece.

 Post by Eileen Patterson...who is GoofingOff...and putting ice on it. Bye!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Listings in GoofingOff Sewing Shop

I hate to use the excuse that I've been busy but I feel like a mouse caught in one of those wheels. Vacation was awesome (fabric stores in Tahiti!). I came back to surgery (not too awful but still slowed me down a little), an unscheduled trip (surprise, honey, the concert's tonight!) and work at the hospital. 
I am finally back on track with awesome things to share. I'll start with new listings in the shop.

McCall's 5264 Star Wars Princess Amidala Dress Costume Bust 36- 42 inches UNCUT

Simplicity W0733 Girls' Costumes from the movie Frozen  Size 3-8 UNCUT
Butterick 6720 Misses' Wrap and Go Pantskirt Size Large  UNCUT
McCall's 5090 Girls' Tops, Skirts, Pants, and Shorts Size 2-3-4-5 UNCUT
McCall's 8750 Misses' Separates UNCUT

Kwik Sew 305 Ladies' T-Shirt S-M-L-XL UNCUT

McCall's 2552 Girl's Special Occasion Dress....Lots of frills....Size 10-14 UNCUT

McCall's 3936 Misses' A-line Bias cut skirt Size 8-14 UNCUT

McCall's 7903 Misses' Jumpers Size Extra Small - Medium UNCUT

Easy Stitch 'N Save 6361 Misses Jacket, Top, and Skirt UNCUT

McCall's 3686 Misses' Dresses UNCUT

McCall's 3343 Misses' Skirts Uncut

McCall's 3230 Misses Tops...V-Neck or Scoop Neck Variations Bust 38-44 Inches UNCUT

Misses' 3502 Bridal Gown Plus Size Bust 40-44 inches UNCUT

Vogue 9664 Double Sided Fleece For the Home UNCUT

Awesome stuff! I Love the costume patterns! 
Blog readers get an 15% off their purchase....that's 10% more than the usual discount. Because blog readers are special.  Use the coupon code BLOGGIN for the discount. 

Post by Eileen Patterson....who is GoofingOff!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In the Bean Pot...Quick Starting Beans

I am amazed with my hubby...not starry-eyed amazement...more the "Really?" kind of amazement. This man who doesn't seem to hear what I say most of the time,  remembered me saying I would make a pot of venison chili during the next cold front. I said that? The venison isn't the problem since he hunts and keeps the freezer full (his job) but I wasn't ready for a pot a chili. I had some of the ingredients on hand but no cans of beans, then I remembered I had dry beans. I thought I would share a quick start method for beans just in case an overnight soak is out of the in my case.

I wanted to make chili with a variety of, red, pink, pinto, and navy...all of which I had on hand....because sometimes I just don't want to go to the store and I want something different. 
I took about a 1/2 cup of each of the dried beans and put them in a pot. I picked through the beans to make sure there wasn't any stones (I found one once), then rinsed the beans in cold water.

Next I covered the beans with cold water. 

Since I was making chili and these were going to be Chili Beans (sans can...I am practicing my French) I added a little cumin and garlic to the water for seasoning.

I then brought the beans to a boil. The beans boiled about 2-5 minutes then were turned down to a simmer. The beans then simmered for about 2-3 hours until soft. That gave me time to clean up, do laundry, and all the other stuff I needed to do in the house. 
The chili meat and sauce was started separately in another pot. Everything then went into the slow cooker on high. 

The chili was ready in about 6 hours. The slow cooker gave me enough time to shop, go for a walk, and do whatever else I needed to get done outside the house. 
 The chili came out great and was a big hit with the hubby. 
The quick start isn't as fast as canned beans but the beans were awesome...and I didn't have to make a special trip to the store....which gave me more time to goof off....
Post by Eileen...who's GoofingOff.