Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Non-Compliant Patient

I don't write too much about my nursing life. It's too personal...sometimes. I have these feelings about nursing....lots of's my job. I do what I think is the right thing to do and it treats me on the table, a roof over my head. It is what it is.
Last night my patient said "I bet you've seen a lot." Yup, good and bad, miracles and not-so-good. Some of what I see are non-compliant patients...those who fly straight into the face of the medical community and against medical advice (and sometimes common sense) to do what they want. It is frustrating to care for someone who doesn't want much done but doesn't want to leave the hospital, doesn't want to change their code status (they usually are full code but don't want anything done...sort of like hitting your hand with a hammer and not letting anyone take the hammer away), and doesn't want to....the list goes on and on.
We had a patient recently who not just fit the picture but posed for it, too. "NO, I don't want a PICC. NO, I don't want a foley." He was gruff and messy...and had crude language, too. Just the thing to make the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.
I stopped in one day just to say hello. I told him I wasn't his nurse, wasn't there to stick him or do anything, just there to say hi and see how he was doing. He looked at me like I was crazy then relaxed and started talking. He told me how sick he was, how he was "easing on out." I asked why he changed his code status back to full code...full court press we sometimes call it....and he shrugged. It was then I realized this rough and tough guy was scared of dying. He told me he'd been all over, saw a lot and did a lot. "You know what you would like?" he asked. "Fishing in Montana. Watching the sun come up there and eating fresh fish." For that brief moment he left the hospital..I could see it on his face..then he asked why he felt so bad. I told him what I thought was happening and suggested he got back to bed to rest...which he did.
Not so mean, not so big and bad, not so gruff...just sick and scared. He had lived life on his terms and now it was coming to an end....out of his control.
I stopped in to see him before he transferred out of the unit. He took my hand and told me I was a good friend. I almost cried....almost.
I wonder how often we are non-compliant patients. I know I've been one. I'm good while I am sick but then there's other times.....My doctors would shake their heads when I'd tell them the things I did in spite of being told not to.
Today I'll be a good patient, take my pills, exercise, not eat too much. Not sure about tomorrow, though.
Post by Eileen Patterson

Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Map Decor

Map Fabric Panel

While packing and shipping my beautiful map fabric (sold in the GoofingOff shop..sorry, but a girl's got to blow her own horn sometimes) I started thinking about the things that could be made with map fabric. Sure, a person can hem the panel, sew loops on it, and hang it for …you guessed it… a map. Great idea if you are planning to teach far away since it folds up nice and doesn't tear like paper does. Still….there should be more so I looked what other crafty folks are up to and came up with these ideas.

DIY Map Artwork
Here's an idea from Martha Stewart (or the folks who work with her). These maps are paper but why not use fabric and frame it? 

Map Decorator Pillow
Catherine Holcomb from Mapology, makes these wonderful map pillows. The fabric lends itself well to throw pillows or pillow cases. 
Map bunting
Amy Mahon, from Chezlele, not only makes map pillows but map bunting, too. 

Map picnic blanket
The Domestic Goddess (hail) made this picnic blanket using the map fabric,  a vinyl tablecloth, and scraps. Check out her tutorial to learn how she did it. 

I'm sure there's a lot of other things to do with the fabric…curtains, shower curtains, tote bag (I love totes…can't stand to use plastic bags). Maybe not a shirt, though…depends how you place the countries…."Er, excuse me, you have Beijing placed over your"…..
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Vogue Pattern Listing At GoofingOff Sewing Etsy

A classic Calvin Klein Dress from 1996

I love Vogue patterns. The look is so elegant regardless of what era the patterns are from. Here's a few "new" Vogue patterns, at least new to the shop. A virtual feast for the eyes. Enjoy. 

Classic Anne Klein Blouse from 1996

Classic Vogue Woman jacket, skirt, and pants
Babies' Christening dress, blanket, hat, and pillow sham....Can you say "family heirloom?"
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Costume Pattern Listings At GoofingOff Sewing

The GoofingOff Annual Costume Pattern Sale is coming up....August 15th through September 30....and I'm getting patterns in order. I found some new (some new, some new stock) to supply the shop. Here's a peek.
Some of the costumes are cut but complete. I'm still in the process of listing but if there's one you want just send me a message and I will set it up.
No coupon codes necessary. Just pick out the ones you like and get started.

 For the wizard.
All costume patterns will be 30% off for the sale but the cutest and coolest sell out fast. 

A rare pattern, child size.

For the lord of the manor.

A little sexy look for the party. 

Is this not adorable?

Imagine your own little Dream of Jeanie. 

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Make A Dog Bone Pillow Chew Toy

I love my puppy....Miss Sweet Boxer Puppy is so much fun, and a lot of energy packed into one dog. If someone isn't paying attention to her she looks for things to do...or chew. The other day I tried to sew and she'd sneak in the sewing room, grab something...anything...and run. After retrieving the item (s) for the third time, I thought I should make her something to keep her busy.
I started thinking about something I could design and sew fast without too much hassle. Dog Bone!! Out of denim scraps!
Using some wrapping paper I created a pattern. I used a dog biscuit for a guide, only making it bigger.
The full length of the bone is 10 inches. It is 5 inches across the center. I used a can to make the round ends.

Use some heavy duty fabric for the bone. In my case, I used some brown denim fabric from my stash and traced the pattern on it. 

Cut the pattern from the fabric creating a 1/2 inch seam allowance. 

Sew along the line....straight stitch, nothing fancy. 

Remember to leave an opening along the straight part of the bone so it can be turned right side out. Make sure its on the straight part; it'll be easier to stitch close. 

The the stitching was complete I snipped around the curves so the bone would hold its shape when being turned inside out. 

The pillow was then stuffed with fiber fill.
The pillow opening was then stitched closed with hidden blanket stitches. Why hidden? Just in case Miss Sweet Boxer Puppy decided to take out the stitches. 
Dog Approved! 

Post by Eileen Patterson of GoofingOff Sewing Supplies.