Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pink Rope Crocheted Necklace or Finishing UFOs

Some time ago I found this lovely pink cotton yarn in my stash. I have no idea how it got there. Really, I don't but I fell in love with it. It is soft with a luscious feeling, like the organic cotton yarn. The soft pink color is fabulous, too. I made this lovely crocheted rope out of it. That was as far as I got.
The other day I decided to finish it. An off-set white flower with a pearl button center, ends sewn together with lots of length so the number of wraps belong to the wearer. Pink, just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness. Much more flattering than the tutu.
I love it. It is how I pictured it in my mind....and the UFO pile is a little smaller.

Post by Eileen

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pink Tutu for the Breast Cancer Walk

Well, I did it, got myself involved in something again. At least this is for a good cause and doesn't add calories. In fact, it helps burn off a few (in my case, too few. It will take more than 1 5K to drop a pound or two off this tush). I am doing the Breast Cancer Walk in Gainesville, FL this month. Yes, I will be the one in the pink wig (short bob), pink feather boa, and pink tutu. Sound goofy? Yup, right up my alley. It started with a post on FB, someone said something about the companies making a lot of money on pink stuff, and it didn't matter anyway because most women die of metastatic cancer, not breast cancer. So, true to form, I lost my temper and wrote a few things (no, I did not cuss or tell her to kiss my butt) about early detection and "if I can give one person the courage to get a mammogram, another to do self exam, and another to see her doctor, I will walk a 5 K today, and tomorrow, and a a pink tutu."
So there you are. I needed a pink tutu. Around Halloween. In my neck of the woods. Fat chance. Good thing I can sew. 
I made the tutu sort of like the quick half aprons I learned to sew back in 7th grade only this time using tulle (sparkly, of course) for the skirt and grosgrain ribbon for the waistband. Ties in the back to keep it on. Easy peasy. Worked up quick. I thought of elastic but I didn't have enough patience for making a casing, running the elastic, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I am just into easy, get it done now. 

Not very sexy or smart looking but goofy enough to attract attention to a very serious subject.....promoting self exam for early detection. We designed our pink T-shirts, too, hands holding boobs, to promote self exam. The sad part of this is the more people I would tell about the walk the more people would tell me their stories whether the cancer was a family member or themselves.  Someone told me his mother had it but was afraid to go to the doctor for years. She died when he was a teen. The walk is not just a 5K with friends for a few's personal. 
Much has changed in the 35 years I've been a nurse. Surgery is different. The chemo is different. There are more survivors. 
I can't do much to change how it was but I can raise awareness, even if it means wearing a pink wig and a pink tutu. Think of our team, The Majestic Melons, on October 25th. Donate if you want or just send good vibes our way. Give me a name and I write a memorial or honor ribbon so they can "walk" with me, too. 

Something tells me, though there will be a lot of others wearing goofy looking pink garb, too. 

Post by Eileen

Monday, October 13, 2014

Saving Money, and Time, at the Post Office

Everyone's get excited when they have a chance to save money but time and money? That's like hit out of the park. I wrote about this some time ago but after using the link last night I thought I would share it again.
When you ship packages, use Paypal for shipping labels. Most people know about Paypal when they purchase items but don't know about Paypal when shipping.

Here's the link:

OK, a Paypal account is helpful but since so many folks do now I need to show a trick before the holidays come and long lines form at the post office.
Use the link when shipping. That's the trick.  That's it. Put in the address, what type of shipping, i.e., Priority, First Class, etc. and the shipping costs go to the Paypal account. When that's done hit "Print" for your still need labels.
Put the label on the package, make sure the package is ready for traveling long miles, the label is on, and it's ready to go.
Bypass the lines when you drop it off or schedule a pick-up.

You're Welcome.

post by Eileen ....GoofingOff