Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mid Week Rummage Find: The Suit He Left Behind

Yes, I said in rummaging through my stuff. Stayed home from work today to go to the doctor and don't want to get too involved in anything so rummaging at home is perfect. Nothing on the stove to burn, nothing on the sewing machine to forget what I was doing....Besides, going through my stacks of sewing books is sort of like going through mama's jewelry box....each clipping stashed in the book has a story to tell. 
What I found......
The year was 1943, the middle of WWII for the US and described by many as the darkest.  The guys overseas had it hard but life at home wasn't easy, either. The waiting and worrying was bad enough but add rationing and shortages to that. Fashions changed to conserve precious the fabric that might have been a skirt before was now a uniform. This clipping from The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, showed how to use a man's suit to make a woman's suit.

Our society has since become a throw away society....."don't fix it, buy another" or "don't pass it down." Nowadays the stores are full of fabric and thread and I often forget how hard it must have been in my grandparents' day....and how lucky I am now. 
Anyway, it's a fun read. Hope y'all enjoyed it. 
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Listings at GoofingOff Sewing

Simplicity 7534 Misses' Mini Dress in size 16, Bust 38 inches from 1968....COMPLETE 
It was a very rainy morning, my day off sandwiched between work days....Lots to do but never too much that I can't list a few patterns. The rain inspired me to make soup...2 pots (tonight and later this week), get laundry done (just have to iron my scrubs...yes, iron..with my 1950's old fashioned iron), and pack weekend purchases. Now it's coffee time and a chance to show off the latest listings.

Vintage Vogue 7734 Misses' Jacket, Skirt, and Pants in size 14-18 UNCUT OK, I really like this jacket. I could wrap up in it and stay warm by the fire. Love it.

Vogue 9382 Misses' Unlined Jackets in size 6-8-10 from 1985. UNCUT A little bit 80's?

Simplicity 5556 Misses' Jiffy Knits Dress in size 12, bust 34 inches from 1973 COMPLETE I love Jiffy patterns.....quick and easy, put it together and go. Yippee!

Butterick 5192 Misses' Jacket and Pants with Ready-to-Wear-Sizing by Designer Connie Crawford. UNCUT
The pattern size is Xsmall to X large. The pattern appears uncut but it isn't factory folded.

Simplicity 8350 Misses Tops, Dress, Skirts and Shorts from Pre-shirred fabric in size 12, bust 34 from 1978. Partially UNCUT 
So I made a dress out of pre-shirred fabric for my candle lighting ceremony. We got our nursing pins and recited the Florence Nightingale Pledge. I still have the dress....somewhere.  I am a disorganized sentimentalist. 

Simplicity 9365 Misses' Blouses for Knit Fabrics from 1971 in size 16, Bust 38. Partially UNCUT
So I was in love with the hairdos on this pattern back in the day. I tried to get my hair to be like view 2....but that's where my hair gets stick-your-finger-in-a-light-socket frizzy. 

New Look 6040 Misses Dresses, 7 views, size 8-18. UNCUT

Simplicity 6001 Girls' Caftans in size 8 or 12 from 1973. COMPLETE

Butterick 4194, Girls' Sew n go Flared Skirt in size 8. COMPLETE A quick flare skirt would be great for the young ballerina or gymnast. 

See & Sew 5541 by Butterick, Misses' Draped Dress in size 8-10-12, bust 31-34 inches. COMPLETE 
Ok, I am obsessed by this dress. I love the drape. It gives it a very elegant look.

McCall's 3715 Girls' Jacket, Top, Pants, and Skirt in size 7. For Unbonded Stretchable knits. COMPLETE A little girl in bell cute!

So, that's it for now. There's more coming..... I have a stack....serious stack.....of stuffed animal patterns from the 80's, all uncut. There's a Christmas in July Pattern Sale coming real soon and all the crafty patterns....dolls, doll clothes, and animals and the like will be 40% off....Like Cabbage Patch and Berenstain Bears.  Watch for it and grab your favorites for holiday sewing.
Don't forget to use the coupon code BLOGGIN to get the 15% discount ....exclusive to the blog.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Kasper and Oleg Cassini Patterns at GoofingOff

The 1980's....shoulders got big, then bigger, hair was curly and big. We wore loose fitting shirts with big, extended shoulders and tight, straight skirts and pants. For the first time in my life my curly hair was in fashion and there was no need to try to tame it. Sigh. 
Well, enough about me.....this is glimpse into the world of fashion in the 1980's. Both designers, Oleg Cassini and Kasper, were well-known designers of their time. 
Oleg Cassini was a fashion designer of international fame who designed   Jackie Kennedy's ensemble for President Kennedy's Inauguration.  Cassini is credited designs such as the sheath, the A-line, the little white collar dress, the knit, the military look for women, and later, the Nehru jacket. 
The dress seen here is classic 1985, extended shoulders, deep armholes, funnel neck, and top stitching. The straight lines lend a geometric feel to the design....classic Cassini. 
Simplicity 7076 from 1985, Misses' Dress by Designer Oleg Cassini in size 10, bust 32.5. UNCUT
 Herbert Kasper, known in the fashion industry as Kasper, is an award winning designer who made inexpensive clothes look exquisite and expensive. From 1966-1985 he was the head designer for Leslie Fay Co., Inc. His clothes were described as being feminine and sexy. 
This mid-1980's dress pattern (1985) is signature 80's....extended shoulders, mid calf, loose-fitting top, but has a soft, feminine look. 

Vogue 1544 from 1985 in size 14, bust 36 by Designer Kasper.....COMPLETE
Well, that's it from me.....Happy Monday to all. 
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Patti Page's Magic Dress

Patti Page's Magic Dress Designed by Joseph Fretwell III early 1960's
One of the benefits of selling patterns is the things that come with them. People who sew are a little bit pack rat. They save newspaper clippings, magazine articles, swatches of fabric, and old patterns that struck their fancy. One woman called her mom a "Wanna-do." "She wanted to do lots of things but never had the time so she kept the stuff...just in case she found the time" she said. 
In one of the Wanna do's pattern boxes I found an magazine clipping from "This Week", a magazine that arrived on Sunday mornings with the newspaper. This clipping was about Patti Page's Magic Dress. Patti Page was a popular singing star (How Much is That Doggy in the Window) and had her own TV show on ABC in 1960-1962. The dress was designed by Joseph Fretwell III, her designer (he went on to do costume design for the Exorcist and the French Connection). The dress was described as "Anywhere---Anytime Dress. According to Joan Rattner, Mr. Fretwell "came up with the idea of the basic dress with added'll welcome this interesting way to look different as well as pretty from morning to late evening with only one dress."

The Dress that has everything.
Part No. 1: The dress is a "slim, flattering sheath with a scooped neck and slim belt." One is advised to "make it in a firm fabric with contrasting textured trim. 
"Part No. 2: A luxuriously full overskirt, belted over the dress and open down the front. "
"Part No.3: A matching easy-fitting jacket finished off with a shaped band just short of the hip bone."
"Part No.4: A filmy trapeze worn over the dress for evening. Made very full, its light chiffon folds are belted in front."
The pattern cost $1.50 and was available through the magazine using the "coupon on page 14 .....that makes you eligible for entering a $1000 teen-age sewing contest. 

Anywhere---Anytime dress
Alas, the coupon is long gone and the dates were carefully cut from the clipping. Despite this, it is still a treasure to enjoy. 

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at Etsy. The code is exclusive to blog readers so feel special....because you are. 
Love always....Here's to sewing straight seams and irons that stay smooth.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday's Freebie: Crocheted Slippers

I am surrounded by old papers and patterns....surrounded...but patterns like this one.....I'm OK. These cute slippers came from an old magazine page....not sure what magazine but they look like they'd keep feet warm on a cold winter night....and winter will come soon enough. Crochet a few pairs of these honeys while you sit at the pool or in the car during the summer road trip and holiday shopping will be a little less hectic.
Per the pattern: "Crochet these from  Coats & Clarks Red Heart Knitting Worsted. Six ounces are sufficient for a pair; use plastic crochet hook G. Instructions are given for small size, changes for medium and large are in parentheses. Sew elastic thread around top.

ch (chain)       sk (skip)
st (stitch)        hdc (half double crochet)
dc (double crochet)   rnd (round)
inc (increase)
sp  (space)           dec (decrease)

Hope you enjoy the pattern. Work these babies up and keep the tootsies warm this winter. Handmade is always appreciated. 
Love ya!! 
Post by Eileen Patterson....who is GoofingOff