Friday, January 23, 2015

New Listings January 22

I'm back! I am always amazed how much I get homesick for my life when I go away regardless of how long I am gone. The hubby, the poodle posse, Miss Baby Boxer, I miss them terribly by day 2 not to mention getting things going again after putting it all on hold for a week. goes...the latest listings to the GoofingOff shop.

Burda 8510 Misses' Dresses in size 8-18.  UNCUT Fabulous European style. 

Butterick See & Sew 3827 Jumper and Top in size 18-20-22 UNCUT Rated VERY EASY to SEW

Butterick 4626 Misses Jacket and Skirt in sizes 6-10 Or 18-22 UNCUT

Butterick 5155 in size 14W-16W-18W UNCUT rated EASY to SEW

Butterick 5197 Misses' Jacket, skirt, and pants from Designer Noviello Bloom in size 18-20-22. UNCUT

McCall's 8234 Two Piece SwimSuits with Sarong, size 16, bust 38 inch UNCUT

New Look 6617 size 30-40 inch

New Look 6642 size 6-16 UNCUT

Simplicity 2340 Misses' Boyfriend Jackets Size 16-24, bust 38-46 inches UNCUT

Simplicity 3842 Misses' tops in size 8-18 UNCUT

Simplicity 4933 Misses' tops in size 6-16 UNCUT

Simplicity 7755 Misses' Dress Size 18-20-22 Bust 40-42-44 inches UNCUT....rated EASY to SEW

Simplicity 7758 Misses' Pullover Dress in size 20-24, bust 42-46 inch. UNCUT

Simplicity 7816 Misses' Dresses in size 18-22 UNCUT

Simplicity 7819 Plus Size Blouse and Skirt  in size 18W - 28W, bust 40- 50 inches. UNCUT

Simplicity 8003 Full Figure Solutions Women's Coat and Dress, size 18W - 24W. UNCUT

Vogue 9599 Misses' Hats All sizes included UNCUT

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Sewing Pattern Listings and the College Playoffs

Here's a few new lovelies for the week from the GoofingOff Sewing shop.
Simplicity 9378 Christening Gowns, Slips, and Bonnets for babies from 1996. UNCUT

McCall's 7531 Home Decorating Cover Essentials. UNCUT  
Looking for a quick way to redo the living room without breaking the bank? This is the answer.

McCall's 7416 Men's Western Shirts, Size 38/40. UNCUT

Simplicity 3670 One Yard Aprons. This pattern is for half or full aprons. UNCUT

Remember Holly Hobbie from the 70's. So cute for a little girl! Simplicity 6299 in size 4, COMPLETE

Simplicity 6700 Misses' Bias and Wrap Skirts in size 10, Waist 25 inches, from 1974. Complete

So, someone might ask "What does sewing have to do with college playoffs?" Well, I don't know about everyone else but I need to keep my hands busy ALL the time so I'll either be sewing or crochet while the game's on. Who am I cheering on? I'm not telling (trying to stay neutral) but I do love a good game and it looks like it will be that.
Enjoy and keep those seams straight!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Making a Beaded Plant Hanger

The real name of this post should be "Recycling the Stuff on the Porch" or "Eileen's Great Recycling Project." Something like that. It all started a while ago with a box of stuff I bought at a yard sale. After going through the box(es...there were four) I found a few things looked interesting but knew I couldn't sell or give away. There was the plate with the little chip that I made into a bird feeder (came out pretty cute, too) and a few other things, one of which was this lovely lead crystal bowl. When I first saw it I fell in love...then upon careful inspection I found one of the feet was broken. Couldn't sell it, can't give it away, can't donate it...what to do other than toss it.....and there's enough things in the dump without the crystal vase. The poor vase sat on the porch for months...and months...until the other day when a thought crossed my mind. If the vase can't stand on its own, hang it. 
I decided the vase needed a delicate hangar to let light in and show off the crystal so rope and chain were out. I wanted to hang in the in bathroom (the windows with the best light) so yarn was out..besides, yarn would look too chunky. 

                                                 Beautiful vase, nice lines.    

                                                       Doesn't stand level.

Broken Foot, darn -->

I decided beaded cord of some type would work; the beads would sparkle in the light and I still had beads leftover from the bird feeder. I decided to use fishing line for the cord. 

Number 10 fishing line, 2 brass rings, 6/1 seed beads, and various other beads.

I used some clear seed beads and brass rings for the base and the top hanger. The brass ring fit inside between the legs perfectly.
From there I tied the 6 pieces of fishing line to the ring. I strung the beads on the line with the line doubled for extra strength.

   The line was joined around the legs making a loop that secures each leg when hanging. 

I separated the lines and brought them together to form a basket.       Each segment was beaded prior to knotting or joining.

               Once there was a secure basket I added beads for length and tied them to the other brass ring on top. 


Once it was done I added a few glass gems (I love green) and hung it in the window. 

 Looks pretty good for a few beads, a couple of brass rings, some fishing line, and something that was destined for the landfill. After all, one person's trash is my treasure....sometimes. lol


 Post by Eileen...who's GoofingOff and getting stuff off the porch, albeit slowly. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday...GoofingOff Style

After watching the classic "Escape from New York" (you know, the one with Kurt Russell and Ernest Borgnine) I started feeling a little nostalgic.

Ah....Snake (Kurt Russell..lucky Goldie Hawn)

Here's a little bit of 1980's nostalgic sewing.

McCall's 4199 in size 8 from 1988

Have fun and keep those seams straight!