Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sewing Ideas for Community Service Projects

The closer I get to my Haiti mission the more obsessed I get. It seems like all I think about. I've been collecting supplies from everywhere I go. It's also hard to stay focused to get other things done. Good thing the hubby likes to cook.
Still, the idea of going on a mission leads me to community service projects. With the approach of the holiday it also helps remind us there are folks who are in need...and a sewing talent can help them a bit. I found a few ideas, things to sew that would be appreciated.

Days For Girls

Ever wonder what happens to girls in places where feminine hygiene (read that as tampons and sanitary pads) aren't readily available?  They can't go to school. They stay home and lose days. Days for Girls provides washable hygiene kits for girls. The organization supplies patterns for the pads and the bags. 

Project Linus

Like Linus in the Peanuts comic strip, Project Linus is about blankets (OK, Linus was into the Great Pumpkin, too, but he had his blanket with him). Crocheted, knitted, sewn, or quilted. Even baby doll blankets. The site has patterns to make a sorts of blankets to warm up a little sweetie. 


Live near a nursing home or rehab facility? Some things that are appreciated are adult bibs, walker caddies, and wheelchair totes. How about checking with a chemo clinic about chemo turbans? Or a lap robe for someone in a wheelchair.  Go to for patterns and ideas.   
P.S. All the patterns are free.

The Painted Turtle

Paul Newman was a gifted actor (with gorgeous blue eyes, I might add) who created the Hole in the Wall camps for seriously ill children. One of those camps is called the Painted Turtle. Sew up an adorable turtle pillow to donate to the children of this amazing camp. Click HERE for instructions and pattern.

Ronald McDonald House and Fisher House Charities

Like to make pillowcases? I do, and I love to make them with cutest kid-friendly fabric. Perfect for a Ronald McDonald House donation. Click HERE for a link to ideas to help. The Fisher House is for the families of veterans to stay at VA and military hospitals. Think grown-up and patriotic fabrics for this one. 

OK, that's a few ideas to start with. Join a group or start one. Either way, make a difference in the lives of others and, in doing so, you'll make a difference in yours.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing.

Monday, November 2, 2015

New Listings at GoofingOff Sewing

 I have so much going on that I almost don't know where to start. The first fundraiser for our medical mission is done and it was a success! Just the right amount of chili, cornbread, and fixings, lots of friends and family, and donations to buy medical supplies for those in need. The venison chili came out great. We had chili to go and that sold out, too. We might hold another fundraiser closer to Christmas featuring our Mission Cookies. 

This week is our yard sale with proceeds going to our mission expenses. We need money for translators, food and lodging, and transportation.  It'll give me a chance to clear some things out that I haven't had a chance to list on Etsy. Folks have donated a few things to help out. I have a number of vintage rolling pins and teapots to set out among other things. Wish us luck.

In the meantime I have new patterns in GoofingOff Sewing.....great holiday dresses for the girls, outfits for the ladies, and a few things for the guys with just enough time to put together a few gifts.

Simplicity 8118 Misses' Jumper Size 10 UNCUT
So retro and easy to wear. 
McCall's 6544 Misses' Sundress Size 8 UNCUT
A casual look with a flattering cut that flows. 
1940's DuBarry 6018 Boys' Playsuit and Jacket in size 1. COMPLETE
So cute in a size 1 from the 1940's. I can hardly believe it survived the years. 
Simplicity 5287 Jiffy Ties....Straight and Bow Ties, 1970's Style 
Ties in a Jiffy still my heart. The envelope doesn't look too good but the pattern is a treasure. The only part that was cut was the bow tie and it is still usable. Great look for a wedding party.
Simplicity 8338 Personal0Fit Pattern Pants in Size 8 & 10 COMPLETE
Pants for a personal fit from the 1970's. 
McCall's 3281 Girls' Jumper Dress, Top, and Pants Size 6 COMPLETE
So retro and easy to sew. Cute look for a little girl.
Simplicity 7413 Girl's Dress and Shawl from 1976. UNCUT Size 12 & 14
This dress is a timeless look from the 1970's. 
McCall's 3224 Girls' Dress and Pullover Top in size 8 UNCUT
More retro looks for girls from the 1970's. 

So, there's a taste of the new listings in GoofingOff Sewing. New fabrics, too, like Dora the Explorer, Miami Dolphins, and Spongebob.
Miami Dolphin Fabric 60 inch wide by the half yard

Dora the Explorer by the half yard.

Spongebob and Patrick 44 inch by the half yard.

Lots of great stuff so stop by when you have a chance. I'll keep listing and adding. 
There's always something going on at GoofingOff Sewing.

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Food Fun for Halloween

Halloween has always been a challenge for me……not only what costume to wear or make but how to keep the fun in Halloween and control the amount of sugar in my house. When my daughter was little I made special Halloween candy and had fruit available but admittedly, the fruit was plain and no fun at all. Check out these easy to re-create ideas from the  Eat Smart blog. 
Vegetable skeleton....good for adults, too! A spooky take on the vegetable platter.
Vegetable skeleton….good for adults, too! A spooky take on the vegetable platter.
I love this guy! Great idea for the kids and grown-ups. Serve with salad dressing for dipping. Great for a Halloween party table.
Clementines are yummy and sweet. Great for the kids.
Clementines are yummy and sweet. Great for the kids.
There’s lots more to make and a thousand ways (or so it seems) to add sugar to the diet…..just the same, I don’t need to eat more sugar and having little ones jacked up on sugar isn’t my idea of a great time. Offering something healthy and yummy is a way to make a change.
Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing….who cooks, too. The kitchen is just another place to Goof Off.
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Ten Reasons to Sew: New Listings in GoofingOff Sewing

It’s been a while since me last post and I do apologize for my absence. My upcoming trip to Haiti has my head swimming. Lots of things going on like a fundraiser this week and a breast cancer 5K in 2 weeks after that. Oh, and it’s my birthday today. Happy Birthday to me! Phew!
The costume pattern sale going strong. The sale is in it’s 5th year and patterns are going fast but there is still a selection to pick from.  The shop is growing with over 1000 items now but there’s always room for more so here’s ten of the latest listings.
Simplicity 1943 Misses' Jackets Size 16-24 UNCUT
Simplicity 1943 Misses’ Jackets Size 16-24 UNCUT
Cute jackets to dress up a pair of pants or skirt for a special evening. Just right to wear on a cool night.
Simplicity 1320 Misses' Jackets with Front and Fabric Variations, Size 116-24 UNCUT
Simplicity 1320 Misses’ Jackets with Front and Fabric Variations, Size 116-24 UNCUT
This pattern has so many variations! Great for a casual look.
I love this dress! Simple and elegant. Neckline variations. Beautiful!
This is a stunning dress no matter what length you choose. Day or evening, beautiful!
Love the Asian influence jacket.
This dress is fabulous. Very flattering. Lots of variations to make this dress special. There is a link, too, to guide as you sew.
Plus size and polished! Everything’s here to look good.
Just 3 main pieces to make this set of blouses originally published in the 1960’s. Sew Retro!
I love the neckline interest.
This looks so pretty and comfy. Casual but not sloppy. LOVE IT!
Well, that’s ten reasons to sew. There’s more coming but that’s a start.
Hope you enjoyed my birthday present to you.
Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing…..Make magic with every stitch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's About Big Buttons at GoofingOff Sewing

When out thrifting I am attracted to sewing stuff, especially vintage sewing stuff. supplies. I can sniff them out better than an old coon dog on a trail….which leads me to this post. Buttons. Lots of buttons of all types, colors, and sizes. Today it is about these big, beautiful buttons.
Big buttons are more than closure devices. When buttons are big they have the ability to show off, to shout out on their own. They become a focal point of a design. They are much more than a way to close a coat.
Tan shank buttons with copper inset, 1 1/2 inch diameter
These buttons were most likely a rescue from an old coats that had seen better days. I found them in the most adorable sewing basket at an estate sale. I will share that later. Today, it’s about the buttons.
The buttons are big, 1 1/2 inches in diameter. They are made of a plastic material, maybe Bakelite. The round brown insert is copper. The buttons have a metal shank.
Black textured buttons
These buttons are big, thick, and textured. 1 1/2 inches in diameter. A heavy button that would stand up to the thickest wool. The hole is recessed in the back.
Jade green buttons 1 1/4 inch diameter
These lovely jade color buttons are 1 1/4 inch diameter. A small mark on the side of one. Still, lots of vivid, beautiful color.
Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing. Make magic with every stitch.