Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pillowcases Challenge 2014 Sewing for Jessica's Joy

Every year I read about sewing challenges and projects. There are so many that my poor easily-distracted brain can't keep up. They all sound worthy and good but for whatever reason I come up with I can't seem to do it.....that is, until now. 
Recently a friend posted a cry for help on Facebook...a sewing cry for help. She runs a ministry called Jessica's Joy. It is a legitimate charity and best of all, it's local. The charity provides food at the Ronald McDonald House in Gainesville, gifts for nursing home patients in Cross City, Fl, and pillowcases for the children at the UF at Shands Oncology unit. When she told me about the pillowcases I knew I finally found the right thing for me...the perfect fit. Something with a needle and thread that I can do at my pace and fit into my crazy schedule.  
I had a pile of holiday fabric I was planning to make scrub tops with but, hey, I'd rather make a pillowcase to comfort someone with, ya know? Much better.
2 yards makes 2 pillowcases plus trim for 3 more. Mix and match. Good to use odds and ends of lace and ribbons, too. 
I love the pink striped fabric! Girly girl stuff. 
So, with a tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company (I love their roll-up pillowcase tutorial), I made a few pillowcases. Eleven to be exact.  Next project will be neck pillows and walker caddies.  
If anyone wants to help, add a comment....or if anyone is doing a challenge or sewing for a cause, give it a shout. It's good stuff.

The frog fabric is too cute. 

Pillowcases from new and old holiday fabric. 

A pile of them!

Post by Eileen Patterson aka GoofingOff

Monday, November 24, 2014

Waiting for the Caring Moment

Last night the hubby and I had a Saturday night date....pizza and a movie. We finally got to watch Captain Phillips...the movie about the tanker that was captured by Somalian pirates and its captain who was held hostage. Not a bad movie, pretty good, in fact. I did my usual, watching with one eye while the other eye kept track of my handiwork (which was crocheting a kippah for my Pomegranate Guild chapter).
I half followed along until the captain was rescued by the US Navy and safe aboard ship. He was in the sick bay and being examined by the nurse. The nurse's actions stopped me in mid-stitch. She was efficient, very smart, doing what she should do....except she was too efficient. The captain was just rescued and shaken up splattered with blood and brains from his captors. Every time she touched him he jumped. She very efficiently asked him if he was in pain, told him she was putting a sensor on his finger to measure his oxygenation....all the right things, but it was without caring. It wasn't until he asked her if the blood on him was his that she had any comfort or caring to her voice. She was well into the exam before she reached her caring moment.
It made me wonder if during the course of the day if I get so caught up in "getting it right" or being efficient that I delay the caring moment a patient needs. It also made me promise to myself to be sure to get into the caring moment as soon as possible. A soft voice and a kind word goes far, especially if the patient experienced a traumatic event....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"New" Vogue Listings

These wonderful Vogue patterns arrived recently. Some are designer patterns, others are Easy and Very Easy to Sew.
Vogue 1848 Geoffrey Beene Designer, UNCUT

Vogue 1895 Tom and Linda Platt Designer, UNCUT

Vogue 1960 Donna Karan Designer, UNCUT

Rare Military Style Jacket and Skirt, State of Claude Montana Designer, size 20-24 UNCUT

Vogue 9460, UNCUT

Vogue 9496, UNCUT

Vogue 9629 UNCUT

Vogue 9721 UNCUT
Vogue 9669 UNCUT

Vogue 9431 in size 6-8-10

Vogue 9546 UNCUT Sizes 12-16 and 18-22 available

Vogue 9296 Maternity Uncut Sizes 6-10, 12-16, and 18-22 available
Post by Eileen Patterson aka GoofingOff.

Friday, November 21, 2014