Sunday, August 2, 2015

6 Reasons to Love Indygo Junction Doll Clothing Patterns at GoofingOff Sewing

Welcome to the World of Indygo Junction Patterns.

Calendar Cuties LJ482 Designed by Becky Larson UNCUTPattern for a felt bodice jumper with seven seasonal applique designs to fit 17-19" dolls
 I was fortunate enough to snag these patterns for 17-19 inch dolls (like American Girl) all in perfect condition. 

Raining Cats & Dogs IJ497 Designed by Donna Martin UNCUTPattern for a jumper and overalls with a felt bib and appliqués. Cat and dog purses, jacket and vest also included. Fits 17-19" dolls 

A great way to use scraps of fabric, ribbons, felt, buttons...I know I'm not the only one with a stash. 
Lady Bugs & Bumble Bees IJ480 Designed by Donna Martin UNCUTPattern for an A-line jumper, a felt jumper with pleated skirt and a blouse. Two vests and two purses  to fit 17"-19" doll.

All of the patterns are uncut and complete with their own plastic bag to keep them safe from the scissors and nosy dogs (well, mine are nosy).
Bunny Hop IJ470 UNCUTPattern for an a-line jumper, a felt jumper with pleated skirt, a vest and a blouse to fit 17-19" dolls.Also includes a bunny purse.

I love the purses....I wonder if they could be enlarged for little girls...girls love purses, even when they are empty.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Free Pattern Make A Sewing Roll: Holiday Gift Tutorial

Sewing Roll by Jennie at JennieStitched
Rain again...lots of rain. We're getting what California needs. Seems there is a disturbance in the Gulf, a stalled disturbance, with lots of rain. Hopefully it won't organize and become a named storm. So what does that mean, you might ask? It means I keep my happy tush at home and get some things laundry, cook a batch of chili, pack Etsy purchases (thank you), and list the wonderful costume patterns I found while thrifting at my favorite shops yesterday. After all, the annual Costume Sewing Pattern Sale is less than a month away. This is the 5th year now and it's hard to keep patterns in the shop for the sale. It starts Septmber 1st and lasts through the month of September so mark your calendars. I'll be posting more about it as we get closer to the sale.

In the meantime.....
The holidays are approaching like they do every year and every year I try to do too much....make gifts, bake cookies, cook for a crowd....I'm sure y'all go through the same thing. Well, I found this great looking sewing roll by Jenny at Jenny Stitched. She made this roll for a friend and posted the tutorial. It is worth a look-see and do. Click HERE to go to her tutorial (or click on the picture. She did a fine job and I want to show her work off).
I will post more easy-to-make gifts every week so we (yes, me, too) aren't pulling our hair out trying to get things done at the last minute. I paid too much for this 'do to pull it out...and I want to sip wine with friends. Maybe I host a cookie bake AND sip wine. Hmmm....

Jennie's Sewing Roll opened with all the goodies inside.

Yippee! It looks like the rain is letting up a little...maybe the hubby won't have to build a boat after all. No ark, the dogs are fixed....and so is the cat. The only thing that would breed would be enough of those already. 
Until next time...Sew On!

Post by Eileen of GoofingOff Sewing...and is goofing off. It's what I do best. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

13 Reasons to Get Out the Sewing Machine: New Children's Patterns at GoofingOff Sewing

Need a reason to get the sewing machine out? How about 13 reasons? 13 great children's sewing patterns at GoofingOff Sewing. Something for the little ones all the way to the Oh-so-cool teens. 
McCall's 8812 Infants' Lined Tops and Panties UNCUT
The criss-cross style and button shoulder straps makes this outfit so cute. One pattern with 8 looks.

Simplicity 7984 Boys and Girls Hats....12 styles...Partially cut COMPLETE

Butterick 4385 Girls Dresses in size 7-14 COMPLETE
Lovely enough for a summer wedding with a little jacket to keep the chill off the shoulders. 

Simplicity 8881 Junior Teen Dress, Pants, and Scarf. Size 7/8 bust 29 inch COMPLETE
Oh, so retro for the teen....cute dress with bell bottoms pants!

McCall's 3850 Boys' and Girls' Robes and Pajamas Size 7/8 COMPLETE
New jimmies or robe for gift-giving? Maybe a sleep shirt and shorts in some cute, funny fabric. 

McCall's 4164 Boys' Shirts Size 3-6 UNCUT 
So Joe Cool, especially in little guy sizes...Makes the look all that much cuter.

McCall's 4291 Boys' and Girls' Pajamas and Nightgowns Size 8  COMPLETE
More jimmies and nightgowns...Great gift idea.

McCall's 9051 Infants' Pinless Diaper, Diaper Cover, and Wrap Shirt UNCUT
These would be a wonderful shower gift. Use the appliqué or fussy cut a cute pic from fabric and make something unique and ecologically sound. One less diaper for the landfill...or a cute diaper cover for a trip out of the house. 

McCall's 8870 Toddlers' Costumes Cow, Flower, Clown, Witch, Dinosaur, Bear, and Bat in size  1-2-3 UNCUT
Now, you know I had to have a costume pattern in here...Of course I do. This one is for toddlers....I love tots in costumes...They are so cute! And they know it.

Stretch & Sew 970 Children's Jacket Size 8-14 UNCUT
Retro preppy look from the 1960's.

The Children's Corner "Libby" Girls' Jumper/Sundress Size 1-8 UNCUT
Adorable jumper pattern from The Children's Corner. Use contrasting fabric for the sash for a different look. 

McCall's 4963 Girls' Tops, Gown, Shorts, Pants, and Blanket Size 3-6 UNCUT
 Oh, something to use all that fleece....Blankets and jammies!
Indigo Junction Bear Essentials Girls' Jumpers with Bear Appliqué and Bear Backpack Size 2-8 UNCUT
OK, not just a cute jumper with a bear but a bear backpack, too. Sew cute!

OK, 13 reasons. I had 14 but it sold before I could publish this post. Sometimes that happens. Anyway, remember to use the coupon code BLOGGIN to get your 15% discount exclusive to blog readers. 

Sew On!

Post by Eileen......who is Goofing Off!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mid Week Rummaging: Little Girl and Her Doll Twin

Nothing  seems cuter than a little girl and her baby doll, except a little girl and her baby doll in matching outfits. The concept isn't new....this ad for a little girl's and doll's matching outfits is from Ladies' Home Journal, December, 1939. Hats, sweater, skirt, and apron match. Adorable! Great idea for holiday sewing. 
Nothing  seems cuter than a little girl and her baby doll, except a little girl and her baby doll in matching outfits. The concept isn't new....this ad for a little girl's and doll's matching outfits is from Ladies' Home Journal, December, 1939. Hats, sweater, skirt, and apron match. Adorable!

Post by Eileen at GoofingOff. 

Use the coupon code BLOGGIN to get your 15% discount during purchase. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Listings in GoofingOff Sewing: Be Still My Rockabilly Heart!

It's mid summer and incredibly hot in this part of the world. Summer in north Florida is like this: hot in the morning, rain in the afternoon, hot in the evening. Sometimes we are lucky to get a breeze..and when we do I love to stand in it and savor it. The next best thing is a fan on the front porch blowing while I sit in the front porch swing.  There are times I want to stay outside sans A/C, especially if I am working in the yard. Today darling hubby put up a fan above the swing (had one that died 2 years, not the hubby) after I bought a new one. Hooray! Maybe I will sit in the swing and let the fan blow on me (a little, not gale force) during our afternoon shower.
Meanwhile, back at GoofingOff Sewing, there's some new patterns just listed. Some, like the Rockabilly Summer Tops, are perfect for in now...others good for fall or holiday sewing. Either way, each one has its own charm.

Be Still my Rockabilly Heart! Simplicity 2118  Misses' Blouses and Bras from 1957 in size 18, Bust 38. COMPLETE

McCall's 2542 Misses' Pullover Dress from 1986 in size 10. COMPLETE

Simplicity 5979 from 1965. Misses' Weskit, Pants, Skirt, and Blouse in size 12, bust 32 inches. COMPLETE
What is a weskit? It looks like it is part vest, part blouse; this one is lined and double breasted.
McCall's 6996 Men's Shirts in 38-40. COMPLETE

New Look 6251 Misses' Two Piece Dress. European sizing. COMPLETE 
Size 8-18 or 36-46 (Euro) Six Sizes in one Pattern!

McCall's 6597 Misses' Playsuit sized for stretch knits. COMPLETE

Simplicity 9738 Script Alphabet Embroidery Transfers
Simplicity 6411 Hip Huggers, Bra-Top, and Shirt in size 18, Bust 40 inches. COMPLETE

Simplicity 4762 Men and Boys Vests and Ties UNCUT Imagine matching vests and ties at a wedding, a holiday gathering, or photo shoot. Too cute!

Simplicity 8161 Misses' Shirt-Jacket, Pants, Skirt from 1979 in size 10 COMPLETE
McCall's 3857 Misses' Jacket, Top, Skirt, & Pants Size 12 or 14. COMPLETE

Use the coupon code BLOGGIN to get 15% off your purchase at GoofingOff Sewing
Savor the summer and Happy Sewing!
Post by Eileen ......who is GoofingOff.